Body Love Movement

533954_683380731691018_694722388_nI created the Body Love Movement to empower the plus size community to love their bodies.  After years of working with women through Body Exchange I talked with hundreds of women about their struggles, their bodies and their strive for change.  I spent a lot of years disliking who I was and how I looked and left that behind me through many years of internal work.  My mission is to share my freedom of Body Love and “rebellion” from how we “should” look.  My goal with the shirts is to send a new message to society, empower all bodies and give women an opportunity to rise up and become an ambassador of their own unique beauty where they too can build a freedom of self-love.   From these experiences, The Body Love Movement was born.  The Shirts come in BOMBSHELL, REPRESENT, REBEL, PEACE, SHINE AND REVOLUTION, all with LOVE YOUR BODY on the back, they can be ordered online at WWW.BODYLOVEMOVEMENT.CA

If we look at the numbers, the average North American woman is a size 12 or larger yet we see little representation of her in media and advertising messages, therefore, most women feel inadequate based on clear propaganda.

We know that the diet industry makes billions of dollars while failing millions of people and we also know that beauty is big business in the tune of 160 billion dollars globally.  We need to stop striving for unrealistic ideals and start accepting and loving our unique beauty and bodies.  We hope you will join our movement, there is strength in numbers.

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